Question. Who can participate in auctions?

Answer. Auctions conducted on this platform can be attended by resident and non-resident legal entities and individuals of the Republic of Armenia who have registered on the platform as prescribed, paid a prepayment or exempted from the payment and in violation of the auction rules and conditions, obstructing the normal auction process or for any other actions, the site staff has not identified them as a "non-conscientious participant".

Question. How much is the participation rights fee??

Answer. Payment for the right to bid is set 5% of the intended purchase price, depending on the type of property and auction, as well as the bidder's status. At the same time, trustworthy customers who will gain a positive story of participating and paying properly in auctions, will have the opportunity to participate in auctions further with no payment or incomplete payment.

Question. How much does the commission fee for the services cost?

Answer. The commissons are set at minimum values.The amount of commission for each lot is presented in the description of the given property and in case of a transaction, a fee is chareged from the winning enterant's participation fee. At the request of the buyer, the paid participation fee can be used later as a payment for participation in other auctions.

Question. Can potential participants receive advice on platform work and applicable procedures?

Answer. The service staff is ready to provide the necessary information for free or in any of Your preferred ways: visit, phone or e-mail. At the same time, You can use the services of a registered and qualified broker who will fulfill Your assignment on the most favorable terms for you.